Invitation to Love

We are delighted to announce the longlist for our ‘Invitation to Love’ competition. These poets and artists will feature in our upcoming Valentine’s edition in February 2022:

Becca Fang

Mark Watkins

AP Vrdoljak

James McDermott

Klara Hughes

Simon Bowie

Zoë Gardner

Julian Fordyce

Audrey Jeamart

Peter J. King

Sophia Georghiou

RJ Danvers

Tessa Foley

Elisabeth Sennitt Clough

Simon Tindale

Lisa Perkins

Connor Owen

Victoria Punch

Trudie Loop

Diana L. Suárez García

Barnaby Hill

Edward Fashole-Luke III

Sophia Murray

Anna Saunders

Rachel Burns

Vanessa Napolitano

Sarah Godcher

Lizzy Wilkins

Marnie O’Shea

Maggie McLamb

Jennie E. Owen

Dave Simpson

Marco Rosato

Rachel Kavanagh

Sofia Grin

Maged Mujed

Barbara Barnes

Linnea Langfjord Kristensen

Philip Burton

Emma Griffiths

Anthony Ogbonnaya Chukwu

Georgia Cardy


Jenny Munro-Hunt

Luke Z. Fisher

Nick Alter Inertia

Rosie Montague

Janis Freegard

R.J. Keeler

David Thomas

Rachel Hepburn

Jennifer McLamb

Christian Ward

Corinna Board

Neil Dakeyne

Jen Feroze

Bronwen Wilson

We received nearly 200 brilliant submissions, from which we have selected a longlist of 48 poems and eight artworks. Between now and the end of the year, longlisted poems will be whittled down into a shortlist of 10 pieces, from which one winner and three runners up will be commended.

The pieces chosen for this collection take inspiration from the sweet teenage lust for tv soapstars, the sex and sawdust of the pink room, the treasured friendships of the Double R Diner, the wholesome integrity of Agent Cooper, Waldo’s last words, green gloves, a golden shovel and the mystery of the Blue Rose.

Prize-winners will be announced on David Lynch’s Birthday – 20 January 2022. Each will receive a cash prize, certificate, and an invitation to read at our publication day launch event on 14 February 2022.

David Lynch and Mark Frost have gifted us a legacy of cosmic inspiration. The exquisite intensity of experiencing of art intuitively, rather than analytically. In gratitude, proceeds from sales of this issue will be donated to the David Lynch Foundation. 

Orders will open officially in January, but you can place a pre-order if you wish by visiting our Etsy shop here:

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